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[Nefyr] [30 Oct 2006|09:43pm]
[ mood | busy ]

LJ Friend of the Day - Day 4: Nefyr (Who Has Finished His Homework Before Reading This, Yes?)

I met sixie!nefyr in seventh grade Latin class and was absolutely horrified. We won’t get into that. He doesn’t even remember how bad he was. My eighth grade year was actually improved by remembering him every now and then and laughing gleefully that I hadn’t even seen him in the hallway all year (Connections, I guess).

Then we met again in ninth grade, and I accidentally discovered how very awesome he’d gotten.

What’s there to say about Nefyr? He makes Mr Harris emo with all the late homework, he laughs gleefully at things which make Fade and Silver twitch in pain, and there are sometimes weeks on end when I have to wipe his spit off of my shoulder because I’ve been gnawed on.

And I really like him, you know?

Our relationship started off very awkwardly, but I think it’s developed nicely now into something which is largely mutually beneficial. He explains Econ to me on the bus, we have moments of APUSH geekery in the hallway, and I sometimes find myself gnawing his shoulder affectionately when I can’t think of words for a particular occasion. There are very few topics we haven’t touched on at one point or another. Coincidentally, we’ve had many conversations which have ended in fits of hysterical laughter that no one else understands, or else blinding screams of agony as we try to shake images from our heads. And people still ask us what we’re on about. By now they should have learned not to ask.

Why should my entire friends-list love Nefyr a lot? Because he’s my fake girlfriend and therefore super cool. Stop rereading that sentence now, non-BLSers. He’s perfectly capable of being both male and my girlfriend. See, you’ve never met him. You cannot dream that which he is capable of. Of course, you should love him anyway. And love his hair. Love it casually, though; we’re going to get our hands on it one day, and then after some snip-snip-snip he might actually be able to SEE. With his EYES. Shocking, I know.

In conclusion, love him for his goofy little grin. I know we all make fun of him almost all the time, but he’s almost always got this smile on his face like he’s glad we’re around in spite of it. The fighting spirit and strong affection is catching.


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Friends Only [20 Jul 2005|10:26am]
Friends Only
Art book scan in FO banner and sprite from N-G.com
Yeah, it's that time of year again.

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And, because I can, I'm putting a bunch of random colourbars here too.

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And now, the challenges I've completed. Go me.

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